We are a Polish manufacturer and a pioneer in processing plastics. With the experience of 50 years in the market,

we feel obliged to provide our customers with top quality products.

Hendo panels are innovative products which offer countless arrangement possibilities and no-hassle fitting.

Thanks to their large size (122 cm x 244 cm), the panels are really quick and clean to fit.

The fitting only requires the panel, an adhesive,

and a power saw to cut the panel to size. This solution allows you to minimize both the fitting time and the project cost.


Due to their unique features, HENDO panels have a wide range of applications. Our customers commonly use them in both home interiors and large-size public spaces. Our panels are perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, conference rooms, reception areas, offices, restaurants and cafés, shops, filling stations etc.

The examples do not exhaust the range of HENDO panel applications. Countless other solutions are possible, and the only limit is your creativity and imagination. Check out our gallery:

completed projects


See how interiors look before and after renovation. You can quickly and stunningly transform your interiors by using various combinations of different panels applied to different surfaces. See how to do it: